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No one’s true self has ever been clearly defined from the outside.
It is all within us – if and when we are willing to look for it.
When we do, we are free.”

Welcome to a very special journey. With deeply intuitive wisdom, Mary Nelson (M.ED., C.P.C, C.S.C.) will take you on a journey of self discovery, personal growth, and conscious living. Be inspired to create the life you dream of…


There is a cycle of life, a natural balance, and that when it comes to having power over it – we don’t | Read more by Mary Nelson at

When I read National Geographic’s Yellowstone edition, I learned that the reported conclusion by park officials, scientists, ecologists and hunters is that everything in the park is connected.  The life and death of one species impacts the entire chain of the ecosystem.

Wolves prey on bison, deer, moose, elk, etc.  If there are too many wolves, they eat too many bison, deer, moose and elk, which then become endangered.  If there are not enough bison, deer, moose, and elk to eat their food sources, the imbalance continues down the chain.  But if you get rid of the wolves, then there are too many bison, deer, moose, and elk.  Endless.

There is also a human ecosystem in which everything a person (or group of persons) does, impacts the entire system.  Too many people living or too many people dying have an effect on the whole.  Too many subdivisions or too many trees have an effect on everything around them.   (Or as I said in a previous blog, too many choices or too few create stress.)

Yellowstone has been trying to perfect this balancing act for decades, but it isn’t succeeding because attempts at control must always be tweaked.  The obvious conclusion is that there is a cycle of life, a natural balance, and that when it comes to having power over it – we don’t.

Just as in Yellowstone, we always have to tweak our lives.  But at what point must we admit that what happens in our lives or on the planet is bigger (or smaller) than what we think is happening?  This might all be a big “Let go and let God.”  The One who created the planet might be the best one to fix it.

QUESTION:  What are you unrealistically trying to control?  What are you thinking needs to be controlled?  Do you see that in the big reality, it can’t be controlled?