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No one’s true self has ever been clearly defined from the outside.
It is all within us – if and when we are willing to look for it.
When we do, we are free.”

Welcome to a very special journey. With deeply intuitive wisdom, Mary Nelson (M.ED., C.P.C, C.S.C.) will take you on a journey of self discovery, personal growth, and conscious living. Be inspired to create the life you dream of…


Abundance has a price. | Read more by Mary Nelson at ReclaimYourselfandMore

Do you have too much time or too much energy? Probably not.  But why not?  One contributing factor is that we have too many choices.  Our lives are a wonder of conveniences and we’d have a difficult time living without them. But while they make life easier, they also rob us. Expediency converges with stress at the juncture of so much abundance.

When television had only three channels, it took seconds to choose one to watch.  We now have over 1,780 commercial stations and just the act of choosing news, comedy, drama, education, reality or sports takes time and energy.

Clothes. People used to have two sets – one for everyday, one for Sunday.  Now we have walk-in closets or even separate rooms to hold all our ‘fashion statements’.

Telephones. They formerly sat on the desk or hung on the kitchen wall. Now they are as much a part of us as the air we breathe.  They are the most needed convenience and the single item that consumes the most time. They also elicit the second most frequently asked question:  “Where’s my phone?”  (The first is, “Can you hear me now?”)

Abundance has a price.  What can we do to embrace the calm reality of fewer choices?

QUESTION: What is causing you time and energy due to an over-abundance of choices?  What can you do to reduce the choices (and hence pressure) you inflict upon yourself?  In other works, how many shoes do you need?